Greane Tree Technology Group, LLC

Project Execution Services

Trusted Team Integration

Let’s say you have a project that you want to get done well and in a timely fashion. Your in-house staff either doesn’t have the expertise or doesn’t have the time to do the project. You don’t want to hire and train new permanent staff right now. Nor do you want distant contractors to take your requirements and return months later with software that does, at best, something like what you had in mind.

You want to work with a trustworthy team of professionals who will work with you and your staff to get the job done right.

Greane Tree Technology‘s team will do just that. We:

  • Have a wide-ranging and complementary mix of skills
  • Complement each others’ communication styles
  • Already work well with each other
  • Work closely with our customers to foster knowledge transfer
  • Deliver testable software every week
  • Incorporate customer feedback into our work immediately
  • Believe that honesty is more useful than wishful thinking

In short, we are an experienced, cohesive crew that will size up the situation quickly, give you the straight story, and work with you closely to ensure your project’s success. We’ll stay as long as you like, but when you don’t need us any more, we’ll move on.

An “Out-Sourced In-House Team”

In keeping with the Agile methodology, we work very closely with our clients. So closely, in fact, that for the duration of the project, you join our team as much as we augment yours.

  • You tell us what you want us to build
  • We decide how much of it we can build in our weekly Sprint
  • At the end of the week, we deliver what we promised
  • You work with the software and give us your feedback
  • Your feedback influences the subsequent development of the system

Together, we shape the software that expresses your vision.

Communication Matters

At the beginning of an Agile project, it is common to uncover misunderstandings. Maybe you tell us one thing, we hear another, and the software we build isn’t what you were expecting.

But we’ve only spent a week laboring under the delusion that we’d understood each other. As soon as you see the software, you can explain, “Oh, that’s not what I meant. Here’s what I meant.” No harm, no foul. We incorporate your feedback into our next weekly Sprint.

By getting the misunderstandings out in the open, we can address them before they cause much damage. With each iteration, we learn to understand each other better. Pretty soon, we are working together as a true Agile team should, communicating with clarity, honesty, and trust.