Greane Tree Technology Group, LLC

Get to Know Greane Tree Technology

Greane Tree Technology is a custom software development company located in Troy, New York, serving clients in the Capital District, New York City, and nationwide. We build web, desktop, database, API, mobile and enterprise software, using a variety of open source and commercial tools. We are a NYS Certified Woman Owned Business.

We follow the Agile methodology for software development, collaborating with our customers to deliver working software quickly and refine requirements as the software evolves.

Our Culture

We prefer straight talk to sweet talk, and we find our clients do, too. We ask the hard questions up front, tell the truth as we see it, and work things out by working together.

We’re dedicated to quality and we are always honing our craft. We learn from industry experts, upstart innovators, and each other.

Our Hometown of Troy, NY

Troy, NY, is famous for its beautiful 19th century architecture, its leading role in the industrial revolution, and its colorful local characters, from Uncle Sam to Mame Faye. We’re delighted to be located in its historic and thriving downtown.

The Team

We’re a bunch of smart, opinionated, witty people. We might be workaholics if we didn’t have so many other interesting demands on our time, from family to community to the great outdoors. We work in a small, sunlit office. Despite our proximity and our strong personalities, we get along famously with each other. We look forward to working with you!