Greane Tree Technology Group, LLC

Software and Web Development Portfolio

We love doing custom software and web development because we get to work with diverse and fascinating clients whose unique visions can’t be fulfilled by off-the-shelf software. The most interesting people turn to us for new application development, updates to legacy systems, enterprise application integration, scalable development, or project execution. From buzzy startups to venerable colleges, from take-over-the-world corporations to save-the-world nonprofits, our clients are opinionated, determined, committed, and smart. No wonder we get along.

Client Case Studies

It was hard to choose just three examples to showcase our software and web development portfolio, but we think these case studies express the diversity of our clientele and the range of our services. In all cases, we used our tried and true Agile development methodology, building systems incrementally from small things and insisting on clean code. These case studies highlight our work in nonprofit and commercial clients, but we would be glad to tell you about our work with government agencies and academic institutions as well – just give us a call!