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Annmarie Lanesey Presents Overview of Agile Methodology to NYS Forum

Authored by on Friday, Sep 26, 2014

agile methodology

Greane Tree Technology President Annmarie Lanesey was chosen to give an overview of the Agile methodology at the NYS Forum symposium "Succeeding with Agile in a Waterfall Environment." The event took place on September 23, 2014, and was attended by approximately 100 business analysts and project managers.

The NYS Forum is an association that allows "state and local IT organizations and corporations … to share knowledge and ideas that foster mutual understandings, facilitate public sector progress, and provide insight into what government can be for all of those it serves." The symposium gave Annmarie an excellent opportunity to explain how Agile can make NYS IT projects more efficient and effective.

Annmarie gave a brief history of Agile, noted how it differs from traditional software project management, and recommended strategies for enterprise-scale Agile rollout. Annmarie cited industry data showing that the Agile principles of collaboration, clean code, and iterative delivery result in higher levels of IT project success than do traditional project management methods.

In the discussion that followed her presentation, Annmarie and fellow panelists Matthew Carmichael, Christina M. Pagano, and Lynn Hansen talked about the nuts and bolts of Agile practice. Annmarie drew on her experience as an Agile practitioner and mentor to give practical advice for adopting the Agile software development methodology in a waterfall environment.