What’s Next for Tech Valley?

Greane Tree Technology President Annmarie Lanesey attended yesterday’s star-studded panel discussion on “What’s Next for Tech Valley?” and filed this report:

Today was a special day for Tech Valley with the visit of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, pioneering inventor and philanthropist. He was joined by Peter C. Schultz, Ph.D., a co-inventor of the fiber optics now used worldwide for telecommunications; John Cavalier, former Chairman and CEO of MapInfo; and Dan Pickett, Chairman and CEO of nfrastructure, an IT infrastructure company with Capital Region headquarters and national presence. Heavy Hitters! Thank you to the Albany Business Review and Global Foundries for hosting the event!

Here are just a few of the highlights:

On RecruitingTalent: Do whatever you can to “get the good ones.” - Steve Wozniak

On Entrepreneurship: “Support ‘little entrepreneurships’ within the company. Work on projects that have no financial value.” - Steve Wozniak

On Tech Valley: “This is a happening place!” - Steve Wozniak

On the Future: “To support the computing capacity of the future, we need to increase fiberoptic bandwith 10 - 50 times what it is today. ” - Steve Wozniak

On the Computer of the Future: “Computers will become conscious someday.” - Steve Wozniak

On Health Care: “We are going to have tiny microprocessors running through our blood, fighting disease.” - Steve Wozniak

On Starting Apple: “I ate a lot of TV dinners, watching Star Trek.” - Steve Wozniak

On Urban Planning: “Live close to where you work.” - Steve Wozniak

And one of my favorite quotes of the day came from John Cavalier:

On Venture Capital in Albany: “We need one of the major VC firms to open an office here. And not with one person, with at least five.”

For more inspiring ideas, visit Business Review’s Twitter feed from the panel: