NYTM inspiration for TCHVLLY

Last week the Greane Tree Technology team headed down to New York City for the NY Tech Meetup, affectionately referred to on the web as \#NYTM, to bring back home to Tech Valley a piece of inspiration from the fast emerging New York City technology scene.

\#NYTM is known for its monthly demo nights, where once a month, 9 or 10 technology companies are given the opportunity to take the stage at the Skirball Theater at NYU and show the world what they do. The event is always sold out and draws a crowd of 850 technologists from across the industry, as well as 15 to 20 members of the press.

\#NYTM has been integral to the birth of New York City’s technology industry, with nearly every notable new company making its debut at NY Tech Meetup’s monthly event. Companies that have demoed at \#NYTM include: Foursquare, Livestream, Tumblr, Vimeo, Aviary, Audible, Twilio, Aereo, Skillshare, Shapeways, TheLadders, HowAboutWe, Codecademy, and so many others.

Highlights of the night were the lineup of product demos:

bMobilized -
CauseVox - - @causevox
Citelighter - - @citelighter
InstallFree - - @installfree
Kollabora - - @kollabora
Nestio - - @nestio
Project Noah - - @projectnoah
Soniktech -
Tripl - - @tripl
American Express/GroupMe - - @serve/@groupme