GreyCastle Security: Troy Stalwart, National Standout

Greane Tree Technology appreciates being part of a network of small businesses in Tech Valley that offer excellent service to customers locally and nationwide. Every so often, we like to profile fellow entrepreneurs with whom we have especially enjoyed working. A few months ago, we described working together with Russo Project Management. Today, we want to focus on GreyCastle Security, an information security consulting firm headquartered in Troy. As GreyCastle says on its website, “Our company was established because a need existed for an information security consulting firm truly focused on managing risks in people, process and technology, not pushing the latest hardware and software.” We have found GreyCastle Security to be true to, and very good at, their stated mission.

We first learned about GreyCastle Security when we read CEO Reg Harnish’s contributions to the “Workbytes” column in the Times Union. We were impressed with the way Reg calmly and clearly explained the risks of computer security breaches, and the steps that could be taken to mitigate those risks. When we were looking for a security firm to advise a client, GreyCastle was one of the firms we recommended. When Reg and his associate Mike Stamas made their presentation, they didn’t just talk about the technology of threat and protection. They talked about the global industry of hacking, the attractiveness of poorly defended small targets, and the importance of a comprehensive program to train employees, often the weakest link in a security chain. Reg and Mike impressed our client, too, who subsequently hired GreyCastle Security to map out their security strategies and policies.

Greane Tree turns to GreyCastle when we have questions on securing our applications. Applications are a critical part of any business and often contain the most confidential and sensitive data, thus making them one of the most targeted elements in any organization. The Secure Software Development Life Cycle (SSDLC) lies at the heart of application security and is a key part of the defense of company assets. From understanding new requirements to maintaining legacy software, GreyCastle Security can assist with application security through training, code review and analysis, and by creating a more secure operating environment. As with any other security measure, application security is ongoing and must be maintained in order to be effective. Together with GreyCastle Security, Greane Tree ensures that the latest security controls and considerations are integrated into its Secure Software Development Life Cycle.

GreyCastle Security advises people all over the country. They have a busy speaking schedule, and are regularly called upon to comment when security breaches make the news. Their team is growing and they recently moved to new offices located at 500 Federal Street, Troy. We’re glad that they are keeping things local, and will continue be part of the Troy tech renaissance.