Greane Tree Technology Salutes Russo Project Management

Most small businesses owe part of their success to a network of trusted suppliers, vendors, and external partners. Greane Tree Technology is no exception, and we’ve decided to profile some of the people we depend on. We recently completed a project for nonprofit Baby-Friendly USA during which it was our pleasure to work with Mary Alice Russo, CEO and founder of Russo Project Management (RPM).

Mary Alice was helping Baby-Friendly USA devise and execute a capacity building effort. Together they identified a need for a technology upgrade to improve communications with the birthing facilities that Baby-Friendly assists and accredits. When RPM and Baby-Friendly USA interviewed Greane Tree Technology as a candidate to help coordinate this upgrade, we told them frankly that we thought RPM had the coordination well in hand, and that our skills could be better used building a custom web application that would allow them to meet their goals.

It wasn’t what they had expected, but Mary Alice quickly saw the advantages to Baby-Friendly of redirecting part of the coordination budget into actual system development. Mary Alice kept insisting that she was “non-techie,” but she quickly picked up on all the concepts she needed to be not only a great project manager, but also an excellent business analyst, writer, and all-around problem-solver.

Russo Project Management (RPM) is a results-oriented, multi-specialty consultancy that helps corporate and nonprofit clients develop and execute realistic, manageable plans to achieve their goals. RPM’s services include: project management; budgeting and fiscal oversight; risk assessment and mitigation; staff development and vendor management. In short, RPM does what it takes to move clients’ important projects from the “to-do” list to the “done” list. Mary Alice, an RPI MBA, has a sharp mind, a keen wit, and more than 25 years of business development and project management experience.

We look forward to partnering with Mary Alice and Russo Project Management on future projects, and we plan to highlight some of our other wonderful colleagues in future blog posts.