Greane Tree Technology Spotlighted in Women@Work

Annmarie Lanesey is the subject of this month’s “I Did It” feature in Capital Region Women@Work. The profile explains the history and philosophy behind Greane Tree Technology. Annmarie encourages other women and entrepreneurs: “Work and thrive as individuals, take the risks and our community will thrive.”
Photo credit: Colleen Ingerto/Women@Work

In her rapidly changing technological field, Annmarie Lanesey plays to her strengths. By nature, and by training, she has a highly scientific mind with the ability to problem-solve quickly and thoroughly. She’s also articulate, outgoing and personable. All of which makes her perfect for explaining the company she founded, Greane Tree Technology.

Case in point: When people ask what Greane Tree Technology does, the technical answer is this: “We build Web, desktop, database, mobile and enterprise software, using technologies such as Ruby on Rails, .NET, PHP, AJAX, MySQL, MSSQL, Java and C++.”

Lanesey says most people reply, “So you build websites?” That’s where her people skills come in, and she boils down her area of expertise into terms everyone can better understand.

Article by: Cari Scribner

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